Looking for the perfect headphones? Confused about which style is best for you? Whether you choose over-ear, in-ear or on-ear designs...wired or perhaps you prefer wireless headphones...JBL delivers high performance, unique style and total comfort at the best price.

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Earphones or headphones - is there a difference?

The term "headphone" (Bluetooth or wired) typically refers to designs which are worn over or on the listener's ears. Generally speaking they are preferred by audiophiles who want the best possible sound reproduction for listening to music. "Earphones" on the other hand generally refers to designs which are worn in the ear, including "earbuds". This type of design is often chosen by active people. Their light weight and portability make earphones perfect for sports and visits to the gym.

Another term you may hear is "headsets". This generally refers to designs which include a microphone. They are typically used for gaming and telecom systems.

While terminology can be confusing what really matters is comfort, sound quality, performance and durability. These are qualities you will find in JBL's entire range of headphones.

On-Ear and Over-Ear

These types of designs are perfect for music lovers who like to listen for long periods without fatigue. JBL's range of over-ear and on-ear models delivers exceptional performance and comfort, with deep bass, clear mids and extended high frequencies.


They say good things come in small packages and that's certainly the case with our in-ear designs. Take the Everest 110. It delivers dynamic acoustic performance, interruption-free for up to 8 hours. With great looks and comfort it is perfect for the active user who appreciates high quality sound.

JBL wireless headphones

Love the convenience of wireless? You're not alone...and the great thing with wireless headphones now is you no longer have to sacrifice sound quality for that convenience.

For example the Everest 710 offers wireless freedom combined with legendary JBL Pro Audio. With 25 hours of listening time and fast recharging time of only 2 hours it is a perfect companion for your busy lifestyle.


For active users who like comfort and quality sound JBL offers a range of models which are ideal for sports, jogging, exercising or visiting the gym. The T110 and T110BT are in-ear Bluetooth wireless earphones which are comfortable, simple and deliver pure bass.

Buy online today or check out the full range at an authorized JBL Indonesia dealer near you.