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Car Subwoofers

Car Subwoofers

JBL BassPro Hub

11" (279mm) Spare tire subwoofer with built-in 200W RMS amplifier with remote control. Rp 6,300,000.00 each
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JBL Stadium 122SSI

8"(200mm) 10" (250mm) and 12" (300mm) high-performance car audio subwoofers Rp 2,800,000.00 each
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BassPro SL

Powered, 8" (200mm) car audio under seat woofer system Rp 2,500,000.00 each
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JBL BassPro Micro

JBL BassPro Micro Dockable Powered Subwoofer System Rp 3,800,000.00 each
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Stage 122D

JBL Stage Car Subwoofers 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), 12" (300mm). Rp 1,000,000.00 each
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Stage 102

JBL Stage Car Subwoofers 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), 12" (300mm). Rp 900,000.00 each
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What is a car subwoofer?

A "car subwoofer" (sometimes referred to a sub) is part of a car or truck's audio system which is specifically designed to reproduce very low sounds. Typically, a woofer contained in a regular speaker system covers the audio frequency range from about 20 hertz (Hz) up to about 2,000 Hz. A "mid-woofer" extends the upper range to about 5,000 Hz. A car audio subwoofer on the other hand is designed to reproduce frequencies from below 20 Hz up to around 200 Hz. By using a dedicated speaker to cover those extremely low frequencies each component of the audio system will be able to do a better job of reproducing the frequencies it receives.

Subs can be driven by a separate amplifier or can have amplification built-in, where they are referred to as "powered". The best powered subwoofer for a car will produce solid, clean, distortion-free bass right down to frequencies you don't just feel! If you've never experienced the sound of 20 Hz being accurately reproduced, try listening to the opening track of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon through a JBL powered sub and you'll understand what we mean. You'll feel a "heartbeat" that resonates though your bones!

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What size is best for a powered subwoofer in a car or truck?

For the best performance the minimum size is generally around 8 inches, but a typical choice would be 10, 11 or 12 inches. If you want your system to really pack a punch the top models are around 15 inches. The size you choose will largely depend on the size of your vehicle, budget and your listening preferences.

The JBL BassPro Hub is an 11" sub with a built-in 200W RMS amplifier and remote control. Designed to fit into the hub of your spare tire it allows for easy installation and an out-of-sight car audio solution.

For those who prefer to supply their own amplification the JBL Stage range is available in 3 sizes (8, 10 & 12 inch) and is a suitable for just about any car or truck. These quality subs feature high grade polypropylene cones for exceptional reliability and dynamic performance.

If you want the best...the GTO1514D is a 15" sub with dual voice coils and a peak power handling up to a massive 1400W. It delivers earth-shattering performance.

Which type of enclosure is best?

Typically a car subwoofer is installed in a sealed or ported box. Sealed boxes are generally smaller but need more power, while ported boxes are capable of higher outputs but can occupy more space.

The JBL Stage 1200B is a 12" sub fitted in a sealed enclosure. Its compact design allows it to be easily installed in most vehicles while delivering rich and satisfying performance.

What does "impedance" mean?

A speaker's impedance, measured in ohms, refers to its resistance to the flow of electricity. In the context of a car audio subwoofer it's important to check the amp's impedance matches that of the sub. JBL's patented and unique SSI (Selectable Smart Impedance) technology allows you to switch between 2 or 4 ohm loads for optimum stability and performance.

Why choose JBL?

As the company responsible for some of the worlds best professional studio monitors, home stereo speakers and concert sound systems at venues such as Woodstock and the Kennedy one knows audio like JBL. Check out the full range at an authorized dealer in Indonesia today.