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Club A754

High performance car amplifier Rp 3,000,000.00 each
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JBL Stage Amplifier A3001

Class D Car Audio Amplifier Rp 2,100,000.00 each
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JBL Stage Amplifier A6004

Class D Car Audio Amplifier Rp 1,800,000.00 each
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Club A600

High performance car amplifier Rp 3,500,000.00 each
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Portable audio processor for media devices connected to a car audio system Rp 600,000.00 each
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    Black / Silver-Z
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What is a car amplifier?

An amplifier (or amp) in a motor vehicle takes the signal from a "head unit" (music source) and using an independent power source increases (amplifies) that signal. It then drives the speakers to the required output level while minimizing noise and distortion. Generally the more powerful an amplifier is, the cleaner the sound will be.

In most production cars a factory-installed head unit will have built-in amps but typically they are not very powerful and are not suited to driving good quality speakers. If you are fortunate enough to drive a luxury car with a top level (expensive) audio system you may not need to upgrade. But for most people who want to improve the sound quality of their car stereo, installing a high-power amplifier, car audio processor and quality speakers is a smart, cost-effective solution.

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Choosing the right amp for your car or truck

When deciding on which amp is best suited to your vehicle you need to consider the power requirements of the speakers it will drive, the size and type of vehicle and your budget. JBL offer models to suit a wide range of applications. For example the Stage A6002 is a 2 channel model rated at 60W per channel which is more than enough to drive most loudspeakers, while the A6004 offers 4 channels of dynamic sound. These innovative models deliver clean, clear and detailed stereo sound in a compact enclosure.

How many channels will I need?

Amps come in various channel configurations. An independent audio path is referred to as a "channel". For example in a stereo recording you have left and right channels, so a basic setup would comprise two front speakers driven by a two channel amp.

In cars that have speakers in multiple locations, extra channels will help drive those speakers without overloading the channels driving the main pair. The end result is you will get substantially cleaner sound. And for systems that include a subwoofer, a dedicated channel to drive the subwoofer is very beneficial.

A comprehensive and efficient configuration would be a 5 channel amp driving multiple speakers around the car, including a subwoofer, in a single, compact unit.

What is a car audio processor?

Car audio processors allow you to tailor the sound to your personal preferences. For example the JBL Club 4505 features a bass boost circuit and a variable electronic crossover to fine-tune your listening experience. The Club is available in four channel, five channel and single channel versions and easily integrates with most car stereos.

Why choose a Bluetooth car amplifier?

Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless audio streaming from smartphones, tablets, music players and other devices. JBL's GTR models include a special "Party Mode" which allows multi-pairing so Bluetooth devices can stream music individually.

Whatever your car audio needs JBL has the right solution for you. See the full range at an authorized dealer today.