MS-BassPro SQ


450-watt, all-in-one subwoofer system


The powered subwoofer that’s ideal for any car’s audio system.

Great bass in your car does not need to be complicated. The compact yet powerful JBL® MS-BassPro SQ provides a premium level of low-frequency performance normally associated with external amplifiers, component subwoofers and bulky, custom-built enclosures. It delivers the performance of all those components in one complete, easily installed package. The MS-BassPro SQ has a high-efficiency, 300-watt RMS (450-watt peak), built-in Class D amplifier delivering powerful performance to a square 10-inch (250-millimeter) subwoofer in a bass-reflex enclosure using proprietary Slipstream port technology. Professional optimization makes the MS-BassPro SQ deliver incredible performance. The MS-BassPro SQ includes other special features as well: speaker-level and line-level inputs (up to 20 volts) that easily connect to the car’s existing audio system; a signal-sensing feature that automatically turns the MS-BassPro SQ on when the car’s audio system is on; and controls for input-level adjustments, low-pass crossover frequency and bass boost. There’s even an optional wireless remote (MS-WBC) that controls bass levels from the driver’s seat. The result is distortion-free low-frequency response and excellent performance for all types of music. High efficiency and a very modest current draw from the vehicle’s electrical system makes the MS-BassPro SQ an ideal upgrade choice for any car’s audio system, particularly in today’s newer vehicles.


General Specifications

Type Enclosed
Size 10"

Audio Specifications

Frequency Response 20Hz-150Hz
Sensitivity 40mV – 20V
Power Handling (RMS) 300W


Depth (mm) 289
Weight (lb) 32.8
Height (in) 12-3/8
Weight (kg) 14.9
Height (mm) 314
Depth (in) 11-3/8
Width (in) 20-5/8

Woofer Specifications

Crossover Slope 12dB/octave
Low-Frequency Transducer 10" square diaphragm
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Spec Sheet (EN)

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